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1,000 Books Read Before Kindergarten!!!
The Mohawk Community Library is excited to start the new 1,000 Books Program for children ages birth to kindergarten. The child's parent is encouraged to read 1,000 books to them before they enter kindergarten. This program is meant to cover the first five years of life. Parents can enter their child/children at any age before kindergarten. There is no prize for finishing quickly. Parents are encouraged to enjoy the books from the library with their child/children. The purpose of the program is to encourage reading to very young children. After every 100 books the child is given a incentive for that level. After 1,000 books are finished the child receives a 1,000 Books T-shirt and a certificate. We hope that the parent and child will enjoy reading together and it will become a regular part of their family life.
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Use The Web for IRS Tax Products & Information
The IRS Tax Forms that we have gotten in the past will not be given to us this year by the IRS. Any tax papers that you need can be printed at www.irs.gov/Forms-&-Pubs. These can be printed here at the library for the same price of a fax (the first 10 sheets are free then $0.10 a sheet after that.)
We also have RITA forms at the front desk.
Come join us for International Tabletop Day 2015 at MCL. We will have many games to play and most will be games you have not played before. So if you are not busy on April 11th come on in to the library from 10am till 5pm and have some fun around the table.